3471 DC brush motor

Data di rilascio:2023-10-10 17:19

Cinque vantaggi dei prodotti

  • Low energy consumption
  • High efficiency
  • Long life
  • To sample, to map customization
  • Take samples for free

Dettagli del prodotto

    Permanent magnetDC Coreless motor is a break-through of traditional structure of rotor. It adopts ironless armature, also known as coreless armature.

    Structure of the coreless armature completely eliminates the iron losses caused by the vortex of iron core. Significantly reduced weight and mass inertia help in lowering the mechanical wear and greatly improve the characteristics of motor operation.Not only having an outstanding energy-saving feature, it is also equipped with servo characteristics which can not be attained by ordinary electric motor.

Fast start and brake, rapid reaction. In high speed operation, motor speed can be regulated precisely and rapidly.

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